Our polyjacking and void filling services offer a cost-effective solution for filling concrete. Uneven surfaces, cracks, and voids can cause concrete to become structurally unsound, and may lead to further damage. Renegade HM can fill sidewalks, driveways, foundations, or concrete pads of any type.

While mudjacking has been typically used in the past, polyjacking (or “foam jacking”) is a superior solution for commercial, industrial and residential concrete lifting and void filling due to the use of polyurethane foam.

Is polyurethane strong enough to raise and support concrete slabs?

Traditional mudjacking does have an advantage over polyurethane when it comes to compressive strengths. A contractor can make the compressive strength of mudjacking material be whatever is desired by adding cement or combining cement with lime or sand achieving compressive strengths of 2,400 PSI. Polyurethane’s compressive strength is consistently around 80 to 100 PSI. It is preferable to pump a higher compressive strength material than the existing sub-base.

Does the finished job look better than traditional mudjacking?

A feature of polyurethane that will make the end results more attractive, especially to the residential market, is a smaller injection hole. Polyurethane utilizes a hole that is only 5/8” or smaller, compared to mudjacking holes that run between 1” and 2”.

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