Hazardous Materials Abatement

We specialize in highly technical, extremely hazardous work.

Renegade HM has the specialized equipment and trained professionals to complete any magnitude of job efficiently and safely. Projects include gas plant dismantling and demolition, insulation removal from hot pipes and operating rooms, cleaning and demolishing indoor RCMP gun ranges and removing asbestos containing fireproofing. Asbestos, mould, lead, PCB’s, mercury, animal waste, we do it all.

Spray Foam

Residential, Commercial, Industrial Spray Foam, Coatings and Polyurethane products.

Water Damage Restoration

We use state of the art water extraction, structural drying, dehumidifying, infrared moisture and leak detection equipment.

Building Disinfection

Call us for all of your cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of your business or household.