About Us

Renegade HM Services Inc. (Renegade) is a full-service, multifaceted company specializing in Hazardous Materials Abatement, Polyurethane (Spray Foam) and Concrete services. We specialize in undertaking highly technical projects. With our experience and services, we are able to do the most demanding and intimidating projects that most other companies are unable to do. We love the challenge

Our company management team consists of true abatement industry “pioneers” and have years of experiences in the abatement, polyurethane and concrete industry. Our key management and field personnel have worked together for over twenty years, successfully building a well oiled team of professional trade specialists that can safely handle any type of project.

For over two decades, our reputation as a respectable abatement contractor combined with our company’s steady growth provided us opportunities to diversify our services and also attract skilled trades’ people. Over the years, we’ve met all our scheduling milestones and exceeded customer expectations while growing our business at an impressive rate.